Hafa Adai!


Welcome to the beautiful island of Guam or Guahan as we islanders sometime like to call it!  This tropical paradise is located in the deep blue Pacific Ocean.  The official languages spoken here are English and Chamorro.  To get you started, here are some common expressions used on the island:

Hello ~ Hafa Adai
How are you? ~ Hafa tatatmanu hao?
What's your name?  ~ Hayi na'an mu?
My name is... ~ I na'an hu si...
Good morning/day ~ Buenas dihas
Good evening ~ Buenas noches
Goodbye ~ Adios
Thank you ~ Si Yu'os Ma'ase
You're Welcome ~ Buen Probecho


To find out more about the beautiful island of Guahan, please visit the following sites:

Official Guam U.S.A. Website

Department of Parks and Recreation Division

Guam Public School System

University of Guam

Guam Community College


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