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Island Girl Power

As I Walk Through Life

Missed Chances 

Chamorro Identity and Fate

My Cherished Friend

All Life Starts With Four Worlds

Your Health

My Devotion To You

Beautiful Place




No Worries Here


You Light up My Life














































































































Do your best

In all that you say

In all that you do

To make your life worth living

To make a difference in the lives of others.
Realize that you're important to someone

And your genuine help from the kindness of your heart
To pick up others when the odds are stacked up against them
Gives them hope when they have none.

If you help out others with no expectations in return
Then your life will be enriched with abundant goodness
And perhaps one day someone will be there for you too.
Living life right
Sacrificing even it hurts so much
Taking on meaningful challenges that may stab your heart a bit at times
All the while striving to be on the side with one's angel
Whom absorbs the goodness of your beautiful soul
Enables you to live a life that matters.
Keeping up the faith
Working as brothers and sisters
To make this world a better place
Moves a nation and heals our souls -
Tis the power of unity!
Remember that beauty is not dependent on your looks or wealth
But who you are deep within -
A remarkable and beautiful person filled with so much love to spread
Filled with inspirational momentum
To help others because you truly do care
Because you know it's the right thing to do
To make a difference!
And though you're hurting
Though your life is filled with strife that strikes your gentle soul
Sometimes you have to let things go even if you’re hurting deep inside.
You have to release your hold
And let things be
Because maybe it was never meant to be.


Sometimes you have to realize that you can’t take things for granted
Because when you least expect it
What you thought you had can be suddenly stolen
As if someone pulled the carpet fast from under your feet.

You have to hold your head up high even if you would rather cry.
You see, life can be very cruel
And it won’t get any better
Unless you move on with your life
Cut your losses
Invest in hope and faith
And with each day you’ll get stronger, and stronger, and stronger…


Grasp and gain the strength from deep within and trust in God
To live a life that makes a difference -
Tis the wonderful gift of life!
So join me, if you will and
Let's live a life that matters

Because together…

We can make a difference!


Tamuning, Guam


INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE:  Together, We Can Make A Difference!!

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F amily Literacy

A lways will remain

M eaningful as can be

I n this ever-changing society.

L isten, read, write, and learn with each passing day --

Y ou can do it!



L et your life be enriched

I  n literacy and beyond because,

T ogether as a family

E verything will naturally work out for the better.

R emember...

A bove all...

C onsistency is the key.

Y ou and I can make positive things happen for Family Literacy!


Tamuning, Guam


INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE:  Family Literacy is essential in today's society.  

Together, we can do it!  Let's make positive things happen!









Absolute Beauty….


Endless colorful meadows of fragranced carpeting afar

Treasures you bare exhaust my mind to ponder of the immensity

Bestow o’er Thy intimates; your people such to those deserving


Ah, yes deserving…. all who are worthy… invitations self-made

…..realize then laypeople, lest you apologize….

Set your table, eat of the repast you have prepared

Kneed the pillows; where your head shall find comfort


….mind your contentment and the value of your life…

I say to you….exists a place where Love identifies no boundaries

Finally affection shall be birthed eternal in truth

Thus the absence of temptation, ‘lone the effortless rejection of malevolence



          Spirits alive, once soul mates on earth reunited-possess a cultured purity


Perpetual is

           Absolute Beauty….





                   find your peace


©Tanya Muna

Mangilao, Guam


INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE:  What beauty awaits beyond this life comes from your faith.




A vast ocean of blue
Calm inside and renewed
consumes my love for an island's native born
Skin of sparkling sands
Eyes the sun adorned
Brings visions of riches, untold
Set asail on this voyage for our union to behold
Fathoms within us
In swells that rise above
Discovering timeless treasures
of our souls
And the depths of our love.
©Arlene Castro

Dededo, Guam

INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE:  Soulful love tenderly sails into timeless treasures.





Abak yu’ gi I pakyo-mu

Chaochaochao lao suette yu’

Chubasko ya taifitme, Pat osino bei tekuni (hao)

Magof mafoyung-hu, hinalla ya sesso naofrågu (nene)

Måtmos yu’ ya mangge hao? Pinacha’ yu’ lao nao’ao (nene)

Hågu...I chi-hu

Hågu...I chi-hu


Taifinakpo’ I tasi, enkubukao-hu taiguini, (ombre)

Sesso un na’kilili, guaha na biahi nai un goggue (yu’)

Na’dafflok yu’ mangguaiya, na’klåru humitå-ta, (sångan)

Kao guahu I amti-mu? Pat Guahu I chetnot-mu? (Fehman)



 ©Michael Lujan Bevacqua






I’m lost in your storm

Being tossed around, but still I’m lucky

Nothing is certain in the swirling waters and wind, if it was I would bow my head to you

Happy to be thrown down, pulled and then shipwrecked on the shore

Drowning but where are you? Touched by you, yet I can’t see you

You are...my limit

You are...my limit


The sea has no end, my confusion is like that

Sometimes you let me drift away, sometimes you save me

Let me love as much as I want, tell me what have we got

Am I your cure or am I your disease?

You are...my limit

You are...my limit


INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE:  Love isn't always what we see in movies, read in poems, or hear in songs.  Sometimes it can be uncertain, unraveling, unnerving.  But when it is like that, like being lost in a storm with no end, sometimes it is better than you can possibly imagine.



Angels are among us now

Giving us a special feeling

Endowed with hope and happiness

Lifting our spirits naturally

In all that we do

Capturing the essence of true virtue.
Each day the angels are watching

You and I
Ensuring that we are safe from harm

So that we may be blessed

With another wonderful day!


Tamuning, Guam

INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE:  The angels abound us and are right by our side.


My imagination runs wild,
As I grab a pen and write away.
The emotions linger about,
Pushing me to set it free.
It shall be set free in the words that I
It shall be set free in the feelings that I
It shall be set free, just by knowing it is
My own thoughts,
My own words,
My own feelings --
That in itself is poetry,
Whetherr it is liked by others or not;
I know this to be true,
That as long as it is dear to my heart,
It's as special as can be,
And no one can deny that it is poetry!


Tamuning, Guam

INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE:  Poetry comes naturally from thy heart.




Reading is the key

To take you to places far and beyond

To capture your heart

To gain a wealth of knowledge

As you journey into an exciting world

Filled with meaningful words

Found in a book

Found in a magazine

Found in a newspaper

Found in a journal

Found in a comic –

Found in anything with print.


Take the time to read.

Read here

Read there

Read anywhere and everywhere

For the stories never cease

And the reading never ends

For the reader with the passion

To read, read, and read!


So if you want to go to worthwhile places

And reach the pinnacle of success

You can possess the winning ingredient

By taking the time to READ!


Tamuning, Guam

INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE:  Reading is important to get ahead in life!



E ducational Technology

D ives into a wonderful world of opportunity

U sing technology as a tool that

C aptures the interest of all who

A ct upon the unique needs of our students.

T eaching them effectively by

I ntegrating technology in the curriculum

O pens a global outreach to all by

N avigating with ease

A s communication is enhanced with

L inks that can assist you with a touch of a button, anyday, anytime.


T eaching

E ducational Technology

C an facilitate learning in the classroom by

H olding resources that can reinforce skills as we

N avigate

O n the threshold of our Technology Age.

L earning is enhanced with

O pportunities and information resources that

G ive our education a significant boost

Y ou and I can learn from and be proud of!

© mnrivera

Tamuning, Guam


INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE:  Be abreast of the wonderful world of technology.  Embrace it and you will be endowed with Educational Technology that will enhance your learning, and so much more!




Let us find the way,

As hard as it may seem.
These fierce emotions I feel,
Are bending and twining me.
I want to be free;
Please let it be--
Can't stand this feeling of melancholy.
As I open my eyes,
I am burdened in deep stings;
That rush through my veins,
Stabbing my heart with no remorse.
Then lo and behold?
I hear those words saying,
"Let us find the way."
Am I hearing right?
Is there really a way to that special light?
A light that shines bright,
Ever so genuine and heavenly-filled.
Lo and behold?
There is such a light!
You grabbed my hand,
You touched my soul,
You touched my heart,
And never did let go.
You told me that we would find that way,
If I could only see within myself,
That a stinging heart is not forever;
For I can be happy--
I can fly freely;
As free as the heavenly angels that fly;
As free as the wind that blows in the air;
As free as the water that runs in our seas.
To be free is to live freely,
Without worries that depress our souls;
We need to see the light and open our minds,
To the beauty embedded within each of us;
For that is the essence that will help us find the way;
The essence of life as it ought to be!


Tamuning, Guam


INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE:  All is possible for those who believe!  YOU CAN DO IT!




Age is but a number.
It is not an obstacle or barrier;
But it is something which,
Should not really matter.
For the world belongs to anybody who will,
Recognize that now is the time and,
 Here is the place to show how you feel.
So regardless of your age,
The world can be yours if,
You take action in every stage


Tamuning, Guam


INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE:  You can do anything if you put your mind to it!


A Kiss

Poetry resides with a kiss
Your lips upon mine- a heavenly bliss
With eyes closed and lips perched
A longing for each other - our hearts have searched.

Poetry resides upon thy very lip
Like sweet wine- enchanting with every sip
Passion felt and a smile lingers
My lips touched by your hands - and then, by your fingers

Poetry resides in the secret places of the heart
A kiss felt with a whisper - here, love has taken part
A yearning to be touched with your lips once again
Forever yours, forever you - you I call my Friend.

Poetry resides in the depths of thy very soul
My love, for you - I freely given my all
When we kiss, it's like we're singing a song
Our lips together - that's where it should belong.

©Tony Mark

Yona, Guam

INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE:  Poetry is the language of love with no boundaries attached.

A Dedication to My Dearest Teacher…

Thank you for everything

For being the best teacher any child can ask for

For without you,

I wouldn’t be where I’m at now

Without you,

I wouldn’t have the confidence and knowledge

I’ve gained this year.


You have truly made a difference in my life

And I can honestly say that I will always remember you

I will always remember how you motivated me

How you never gave up on me

For you demanded the best with special grace

And you knew I had the potential deep down inside

You knew it all along…


I want you to know too

That I knew you cared and I love you too!


Tamuning, Guam


INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE:  A teacher who truly cares will not give up on her students.



A Dedication to My Wonderful Teacher!

Thank you for everything

For motivating me with your special grace

For allowing me to shine and share my talents

I’ve learned so much this year and I will never forget you

I will never forget the special times we’ve shared

Learning the skills so that I can succeed

While also playing games like kick ball; what a blast!


You truly are a gem

And I want you to know that no matter what they say

You are the best in every way!


Tamuning, Guam


INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE:  A teacher’s grace can do a world of wonders!






Island Girl Power

Oh how I love it so!

Just learning valuable skills

Just making cool friends

Just being myself and knowing that I can make a difference

Has motivated me to soar for success

Because I’m an Island Girl with Power!


Tamuning, Guam


INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE:  Island Girl Power is Da Bomb!



As I Walk Through Life


As I walk through life
It speeds so fast
As I walk forward
I try to not look at the past.

I try not to remember
How I was before
Just remembering
How I was hurt to the core.

I try to reach my goals
And try to do the best I could
Because all the people say I should.

They say that because I'm smart
And I'm a hard worker
Because I don't full around
Acting like a joker.

©Brandon Lee Cruz

Sinajana, Guam


INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE:  As you walk through life, keep your head up high, and achieve your goals! 



Missed Chances


Funny thing about life

Is the purpose you find

From living it.


Learning from such
Changes in atmosphere

Of the mood.


It’s like this poem

Either smooth and understandable
Or just plain old crude.


A poets dream is not only the name I hold

But it is the meaning of the myth

That I am told.


The myth of long time lovers

And short time ones in the heritage I come from…

Between the great poets and the lovers in my line…
I know I will never be able to match even with time.


LOL..It is funny that this all seems to rhyme

Well I guess soon you will hear

The words I have said

But none of the ones I needed to say in this line.


So I end this pitiful attempt to be heard

And from this Hello,

Take care…and last good bye…

You will hear not one more word!!!!!

This is the chance I missed

Only for this time...

Or did I?

©Bryan C. Aguero

Yona, Guam


INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE:  If you wait and wait, you will miss your chance your opportunity, only for this time...



Chamorro Identity and Fate


The clock has ticked passed twelve, a thousandfold

My identity still not known

So I have been told.  


I’ve pondered and wondered over the label I must acquire.

And, to no avail –

No clan to claim,

No tribe to trace,

Not even a one to admire.  


I’ve been told of the stories of my Chamorro history

Of the proas and the lattes

And my origin – A mystery. 


But who do I claim to be?

This question I pose internally.

What can I claim?

Where do I belong?

It should come naturally. 


Yes! Here I stand.

This Chamorro American!

With 2nd class citizenship and colonial bondage,

Without title to any land?  


But this is America?

Home of the brave and the land of the free

I am a U.S. Chamorita of the Marianas

Without political identity.  


I’ve heard the cries and have felt the tears

Of my elders sufferage

Through the occupation and then liberation

Claiming U.S. patronage.


So what becomes of my people in this unincorporated territory?

Am I to sit and be content?

Just mindful of the story?  

Of commonwealths and statehoods and free association

Forgetting that there are liberties and equalities

Guaranteed by the American Nation?  


Still, here I am…

This poem I write

Still wondering and pondering my fate 

Hoping for the day to come

When my children won’t have to wait.


Toto, Guam


INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE:  Lingering hope remains with sentiments that the fate of future generations will not be sacrificed.



When I thought of you today
There were chills up and down my spine
It felt as if you were with me
As if you were reading my mind
I needed to feel your presence
I've just been feeling so blue
Somehow I think you knew that
My life is so lonely without you
I remembered the last of your days
And I wished I had said it then
That your love meant the world to me
And I couldn't stand just being friends
Though it's too late to feel remorse
Each day is filled with regret
I know your spirit is with me
Our cherished friendship I shall never forget
 ©Sandra Gray Santos
Dededo, Guam 

INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE:  Don't wait until it's too late to tell someone how you feel.  You might not get a second chance.





All life starts out with four worlds,

From start to finish flourish and nourish.

Path of life is left in your hands for you to choose upon its whirl,

Where it lands no one knows till they come to know whom they cherish.


Cradled in subtle warmth and comfort I enter,

Peeking my face out to see and feel the coldness of a New World.

Welcomed fresh, clean and innocent I claim my gender.

I twist this way and that bellowing my lungs till they fold.


Rich is this world yet so ripe with life,

Warmth and comfort keep me as happy as a monkey in the tree.

Swinging this way and that living without even but a slice of strife,

Such a marvel that my surroundings calls to explore to infinity.


Curious are my senses given to me

Using them to learn, feel, see, hear, taste and smell.

From within they grow towards the outside for only me to see.

Tangible I come to know like honey is sweet and like pain is hell.


I know step into my second world,

Where sounds are life and brains are might.

Challenges I welcome to both win and loose twofold,

Two feet will take me far I know with help from inside.


Knowledge and structure poured from above,

By hands of loving parents blessed to me.

Strict as stone and guiding they embrace in love,

Right from wrong is their judgement guiding me in my spree.


Now walking stepping into my third world,

Bringing life and limb and all that’s within.

I so quietly begin to sing beneath a breath of words,

Words rising from the deep cavern of my mind, body and souls din.


I sit here now with all that I bring forth,

Don’t know where I’ll be tomorrow.

All senses checked and ready to go,

My souls wandering to paths shrouded in mysterious glories and sorrow.


From the deep warm cradle of the womb,

To the present day sensation of this world I stand on now.

The feeling of cold to warm, and hot as a fission bomb,

I wonder what my last world brings in a quizzical frown.


From within I suppose I can now look and say,

I am serious, amorous, and romantic, boring, and thoughtful perhaps.

So too am I compassionate, comprehending and full of many silly plays.

Pessimism, fear and doubts, and some angers also make me collapse


Learning how to cook I shall this delicious life of my dish,

Full of sweet and sour and some so spicy drooling one to devour.

Heart, soul, body and mind while reading this menu makes one wish,

And think how to consume this whole dish piled as high as a tower.


This is the meal now and present in my world,

This third world from birth, to child, and now to adult.

Brought up with love and understanding, acceptance and rebellion,

I too hold within me these qualities that I hope never molt.


The fourth world is that I wish not to ascend to yet,

For this world suits me with comfort, blessings, and life.

When it’ll come I wish not to think about and wont let,

For then it’ll be a matter of heaven and hell to either fly up or dive.

©Farid Cheena

Tamuning, Guam


INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE:  Our life in four worlds -- live them to the fullest!



Your Health


Live each day with care,

And take time to smell the fresh air.

Don’t overwork yourself –

Take care of thyself.

Eat the right foods,

For it does affect your moods.

If you have a problem, tell a friend you trust,

For you’ll feel better at the end.

Exercise each day,

In a suitable way.

Get enough sleep,

But don’t oversleep.

Remember that your health,

Is your greatest wealth.


Tamuning, Guam


INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE:  Take care of thyself to live a more vibrant life!





          From time infinitum you’ve been always here and true,

Since our very first words you’ve been innocent and pure.

          So sweet your words like a tender rhapsody,

Every word you speak and write, hear and say brings me to reality.


          Putting together my world is not simple you know,

Now that you are here there shines a light from beyond showing me how.

          So far and few between are the pieces I seek to put in place,

Some near and some distant for you this reality I will face and make.


          Fears and doubts rings a chorus of echoes,

Past brings present sailing in the wind of future questions.

          Your sweet friendly touch slaps me hard to answer my lying,

Not knowing why my heart does this to you I can feel your heart crying.


          You are as smooth as the delicate softness of a spiders silk,

I am as rough as hard grained sandpaper, our friction not to our liking.

          When we make contact it may be different for myriad of reasons,

Know this, that sandpaper looses its teeth and turns into bare gums easy


          Slowly you change me this way and that,

Let it not be that I loose your most precious virtue you hold tight.

          This trust so blind I hold deep within me so strongly,

True trust is a mountain made by two and thus is so holy.


          Each a grain of sand builds upon a grain of sand,

Time and strength make it known that this shall stand.

          Let it not be that I bring down upon this mountain of light,

 With hammers and shards of lightning in darkness that fray our might.


          Pounding into this mountain nails of dissention,

One that hurts and comes so close to your heart this is not my intention.

          Each time there cannot be a second chance,

Deep promise and apology never I wish for these to be taken at a glance.


          Don’t change one bit in thought and deed,

I will change completely from inside out all for you alone to see.

          From great struggles come the sweetest victories,

This path we take let us leave all that’s down and sour in memories.


          A nectarous friendly unique bond there is to come,

One filled with your charm, grace and taste in life’s everyday fun.

          From bottom up I will rise with you alongside,

With all that’s good and loving and pure and surely we’ll sail life’s tide.

          Let us both hold the hand of ticking time,

Watching as hands hit their mark and its singing bird come out to shine.

©Farid Cheena

Tamuning, Guam


INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE:  One's soul is devoted to another so divine when love is ever present, no matter the time.





You took my hand and led me away

To a place too beautiful for words.

Not to a place with sights or sounds,

But to a place full of love and devotion.

No maps or directions,

Just you and me on a trail of love.

There have been storms along the way,

Along with many sunny days.

No matter which way we've turned,

We have turned to each other.

The long road ahead --

We will travel it together.

It is a beautiful place.

©Wini Lasaten

Dededo, Guam


INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE:  This poem is for anyone whose ever been in love, and remembered how beautiful of a place being in love is. 





In the dark bellowing night

Springs forth an echo

Ringing in my ears,

“Where is this coolness I’ve been hearing of?  Does it really exist?”


With each resounding

The echo beckons to be heard

From every spectrum

From every coolness angle that abundantly exists

Among those who possess the coolness touch.

Seek and you shall find

Ask and you shall receive

Stay coolness and you will be endowed

With that coolness sensation

Only resolved for the coolest of them all

And the answer has come forth with the familiar adage:

“Coolness abounds us!”


Tamuning, Guam


INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE:  Coolness abounds those who genuinely seek it.






Together they are the best!


May your life be enriched with the coolness that abounds us

And may the sweetness be added to give it some flavor

To show that life, as challenging as it may be,

Is really worth living,

So it shall be.


Tamuning, Guam


INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE:  Empower yourself with Coolness and Sweetness!





My Dearest is one of a kind,

Enduring through the realm of time.

He’s as cool as can be,

Bringing smiles to you and me.

I will never forget his charm,

And how he touched my soul.

He is one of a kind, you know –

No one else can match his wit.

I thank God for him,

For he’s a blessing as true as can be!


Tamuning, Guam


INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE:  Blessings are one of a kind.





Let’s live our life to the fullest,

As hard as it may seem.

No worries here,

It’s as simple as that.

We want happiness, not sadness –

I’m sure you’ll agree.

Challenges are set before us,

Not to merely sulk and complain of,

But rather to make us as strong as can be.

So be strong and wise –

Don’t give up without trying.

Hey, there are no worries here,

For I’m as focused as can be.

I will show the world,

That I will SUCCEED!


Tamuning, Guam


INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE:  Refrain from worrying to ease your mind, and do your best to achieve success!





You light up my life,

More than words can ever say.

You bring meaning to each day,

And inspire me to go beyond.

I thank you for truly being there –

My life wouldn’t be the same without you.


It is you who makes me WHOLE,

It is you who makes me HAPPY.

You embody my MIND, BODY and SPIRIT –

You will always be a part of me.


Rain or shine,

Whether good or bad,

We’ll make it work!

Our love will withstand the test of time,

For it’s our destiny you see –

We were simply meant to be.

You light up my life,

More than words can ever say.


Tamuning, Guam


INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE:  True love is a rarity that completes your soul. 





They were in the chat room one day,

And were in their own little world.

I knew it from the start you see,

Because they didn’t really pay attention to you or me.

The love they had for each other was amazing,

I can see it in their words, in their expressions!

They should have been in a private chat room instead,

For the words they said were as romantic as can be.

Obviously they weren’t meant for you or me.

They were a virtual couple,

For I sensed it from the start.

May their lives be filled with merriment,

And may their love for each other never part.


Tamuning, Guam


INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE:  Virtual couples have a language of their own.





Cool as can be,

Often I see,

Opportunity awaits us,

Let your mind run free.

Never forget this,

Even when you’re feeling blue.

There’s someone out there who cares for YOU!


In the deep blue sea,

Nothing can stop you now…

People everywhere can see,

Out there exists,

Endless moments,

To be free as a bird,

Roaming around saying,

“You know that Coolness abounds us!”


Tamuning, Guam


INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE:  If you search hard enough, you’ll find that Coolness abounds us!





I’ve lost my best friend…

What went wrong?

We said we’d be there for each other,

Forever and ever.

And look at us now,

We’re not seeing eye to eye,

Chat to chat,

Or even saying a simple hello.

How can that be?

I know in my heart,

I know in my soul,

That this feeling of sorrow I have,

Will continue to grow.

But I will look forward

I will look beyond.


Someone once told me that life can be positive,

If you make it to be!

This pain is one that will make me stronger,

As they all say.

So I shall try my BEST,

And may God work his mysterious ways –

The ways of his everlasting love;

To bring me the happiness I deserve.

So though I’ll miss you,

Perhaps it’s for the better.

You have left me for a reason…

You will form your own path…

I, too, will go on –



Tamuning, Guam


INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE:  You are stronger than you think you are.  Make your life worth living!





Love is special

Love is kind

Love is knowing that you’re mine.

I’m yours too,

As you can plainly see.

We were meant to be –

Just you and me!


Tamuning, Guam


INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE:  Love is a treasure that is shared with one’s heart.





I’ll miss you my Dear

From the depths of my soul

These tears I shed I just can’t help

For it’s hard to imagine that you’re going away

It’s hard to imagine that we’ll be apart.


But with each sob

I can hear you gently say

As you place your hand over my heart

That we’ll always be together

No matter how many miles apart we are.


Yet I know that life is like this at times

That you must go

At least for now

For anything worthwhile is a journey

Anything worthwhile must be sought.


I’ll remember you always

The good times we shared

And how you easily made me smile

Just having you near and looking into your tender eyes

Knowing that you cared for me

With your gentle ways and encouraging talks

That kept me on my toes and warmed my heart.


The hardships we conquered

The happy times we spent together

Will never be forgotten

Will always be a part of me

For you’ve carved a special place in my heart

With that woodsmith quality of yours

Ever so gifted, special, and unique

With a craftsmanship that will forever remain

A masterpiece, a genuine work from the heart.


So my Dear

Don’t ever forget me

For I’ll never forget a friend as special as you

And I’ll be here if you ever come back

I”ll be here to start where we left off

Remembering that a friendship as strong as ours is one of a kind

One that will endure the test of time.


Tamuning, Guam


INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE:  True friends, though miles away, will always be with you in heart.





We have everything, yet we have nothing

A house, but no home

A living, but no life.


They give us control, yet we have no power

To determine

Our past

Our present

Our future

Our destiny.


What we have are rights that are not right

Freedom that is not free

And we pay for this

With our blood




And seas.


They free us with lies

And chain us with freedom

These so called liberators

Who are at once our salvation and damnation.

©Joseph Borja

Chalan Pago, Guam

 INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE: Read with the hope that someday we will be truly free.




 Life is full of dreams that can come true.

Life is full of challenges that can be accomplished.

Life is full of beliefs that there is hope.

Life is full of respect yet no one cares.

Life is lived day in and day out.

Life is full of love that is given every day.

Life is full of trust that is being held on too.

Life is full of promises that are kept.

Life is full of causes that can be discovered.

But life is always taken advantage of –

When it’s gone, everyone wonders why.


Yona, Guam

 INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE:  Never take life for granted because once it’s lost there is no turning back in changing it.  One thing about life is what’s done is done, changes can’t be made but it can be fixed.





 I am going to make your home safe and loved.

I will build feelings by showing how special you are.

I will offer you opportunities to learn and succeed.

I will make sure you eat, exercise, and get enough sleep.

I will spend time with you, talk, laugh, play, and we’ll enjoy each other.

I will protect you and make you feel safe.

I will acknowledge, praise and reward your successes.

I will set limits to make you feel secure and to teach you responsibilities.

I will hug, squeeze, and give you a loving smile every day.

I will tell you “I love you” every moment I have the chance.


Yona, Guam

 INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE:  I have a child that is my whole world and this is what I promised him I will do for him.  I will fulfill it.




 Starting in a new job, your heart starts to pound like crazy,

Not knowing what they have in store for you, you think maybe.

Maybe this is not what I had in mind,

But if I try it out, the longer I stay, I will know everything in due time.

Thinking this is what’s best for the moment;

The chance to start off my life.

I wonder if there will be a chance to make this my future.

But the longer I am here,

I think maybe, just maybe this is something I did not think it would be.

This job is all I hope for but the dreams are all I believe and have in me.


Yona, Guam

 INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE:  All jobs have their ups and downs, their likes and dislikes, but don’t let anything or anyone drive you out of your job. You’re there for yourself and no one else, so do what you need to do and then leave after that if you want.





Destiny is one that was brought upon someone,

It is not something that is chosen.

There are lives with some destiny that can never be.

But it’s up to one to challenge what is wanted to fulfill that destiny.

Destiny has been made by who once was.

That destiny was brought by who once was before that.

Destiny can’t be found with the snap of the fingers,

For it takes a whole lifetime to find.

One who wants destiny with all passion,

Must take every risk.

Then when the destiny is found,

There will be the challenge of what is done next.


Yona, Guam

 INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE:  Even if you don’t know what your destiny is, live your life with hope, dreams, and love.




 If you live with criticism,

You can live with deplore.

If you live with ridicule,

You can live with being modest.

If you can live with appreciation,

You can live with being appreciated.

If you can live with the shame,

You can live with the blame.

If you can live with acceptance,

You can live with trying to find love in the world.


Yona, Guam

 INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE:  Even if life has a lot of problems and differences, there must be love for each and every one of us in this world, even by strangers, in order to make this world a better place.




 Life is worth living

Because of all the small things in this world

From simple handshakes from guys to smiles from a girl

From the joyful hellos to the sad goodbyes.


Life is worth living

Because of the simple love

Because of the love from a mother and a father

And the love from a sister and brother.


Life is worth living

Because of all the small things in this world

Because of the stars shining every night

And because of waking up to the sun so bright.


Life is worth living because of children

From watching babies walk

To watching babies talk

To watching them grow up

And seeing them go.


Life is worth living

Because the simple things make up the

Biggest experience.


Mangilao, Guam

Inspirational Message:  Even if the big experiences turn out bad, the small experiences will make bigger experiences.




 She is the girl in class

The girl everyone knows

And as she passes,

You watch her in a slow motion.


She is the person with the great smile

That girl that could make you laugh

She is the person that would give you that nice feeling

The warmth inside that is almost unreachable.


She is the girl that is hard to talk to

The girl that makes you stutter

The girl that will calm you down

When she comes around.


She is the girl that every guy wants

The girl with the looks

The girl with class

The girl with everything

But yet unreachable.


She is the girl that compares with your goals

The motivation that moves you

But just like the goal

She is not unreachable.


Mangilao, Guam

INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE:  Nothing is unreachable.  Just keep trying and you will get to where you are going.





He is the hope to everything hopeless

He is the wings that brings flight

He is the heart in your chest

He is the one called God “The Light”


He makes the blind see

Puts the vision as one

And is full of divine mercy

He is God “The Light”


He is the solver of all problems

The creator of men and women

He is the inspiration that inspires

The energy when tired


Look to Him with no doubt

He is God “The Light”


Mangilao, Guam

INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE:  When you’re feeling down and depressed just turn to God and pray, and He will help you.




 Give up, stay down

Just stop, don’t smile, frown

Just stop it


It can be done

Get up, don’t frown, smile

You can do it, go the extra mile

Just keep going


It will be done

Chin up, keep smiling

Look forward –

It’s not hard

You came too far to restart

Just keep going!


It is done, finished

You made it

You didn’t quit

It was not easy and kind

But you did it

It was all in the mind!


Mangilao, Guam

 INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE:  Nothing is impossible. Things are hard because you think they’re hard.




This is the end of our class

I’ll miss this class, and so will you

The semester is coming to a last

The best of luck to this EN 100 class


Our class was a great trip

From taking tests to reading the book

We learned a lot of tips


We are going to miss every little thing

Sean’s crazy comments to Frankie and James’ football insights

To our eyes getting hurt because of the lights

Luke getting the highest grades and Raena beating him once

John and Misty’s debates

And every little thing that happened


We have come this far in our class

We all grew to know each other

We are all going to leave the class

But our bonds are not over


This is the end of our class

We had fun and laughs

We are leaving it

But our memories will stay with our EN100 CLASS!


Mangilao, Guam

 INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE:  When you complete one thing, keep going and get the rest done.




(A song adaptation)


I’m driving home;

It’s been a long busy day

The road is long

But I’m not in a hurry


I’m here alone

With too many things on my head

It’s time for bed

But I’m not in a hurry


No one’s there to tell me to hurry back home

No one’s next to me so now I’m all alone


It’s time for class

I’d wait outside a bit

Class would start any minute

But I’m not in a hurry


In my couch

And the phone would ring

I have to pick it up,

But I’m not in a hurry


No one’s there to tell me to hurry and don’t be late

No one’s there to call me just to see if I’m okay


Things are not like before

Nothing in my life excites me anymore

Hope you come back,

 If not today; someday

You can take your time,

I won’t force you

Told you I’m in no hurry

But it hurts, so really I do.


©Bedrick Briones

Dededo, Guam

 INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE:  When you’re alone, days are much slower and there’s nothing to look forward to, so you must do what you need to do to rectify it.





(A song adaptation)


I had too much pride

Never told you what’s inside of me

I was waiting on you

And I thought I had nothing to lose


Then came one night,

When you held me so tight

I’ve never felt so right

And now I’m wondering why didn’t I


Tell you that night

That I want to be with you

Instead of waiting on you

Now I’m losing you


I had too much pride

Never cared that you were here for me

I lied to you, lied to myself

The truth is out but you have left


Then came one night

When you looked so different in my eyes

Every little thing that you did

Stayed on my mind, why didn’t I-


Tell you that night

That I want to be with you

Instead of waiting on you

Now I’m losing you.

 ©Bedrick Briones

Dededo, Guam

 INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE:  If someone is there for you, open up to that person before it’s too late.




(A song adaptation)


Saw you by a glance

But you’re not aware of me

Never had a chance

‘Cause your world does not include me


Days go by

We’d pass by each other

A simple smile

Is all we have together


Saw you from afar

Doing what you always do

We are worlds apart

When will I be with you?


You may love someone else

Because what hurts me more

That it’s been a while

Since you knocked on my door


I tried my best to be a part of your life

Lovers or friends, as long as I am by your side.

 ©Bedrick Briones

Dededo, Guam

 INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE:  Sometimes, no matter how much you love someone, things may go wrong and you part ways.  When that happens, the best thing you can ask for is to at least not be strangers.





(A song adaptation)


If only I could sing

I would sweep you off your feet with a single line

I would reach into your heart and make it beat like mine


If only I could sing

I would make my voice so low and give you chills along your spine

If I could hit the notes, I’ll hit them when I say “Be mine”


If only I could sing

I would sing a song so strong you have to close your eyes

I would pick the right words to say and give you butterflies


If only I could sing

I would pluck the strings so slow and look at you

Sing them nice and soft; you have to want me too


If only I could sing

Maybe you won’t have to ignore what I’ve been telling you

Maybe all the words I tell you would go to where I want them to

If only I could sing

Maybe all the words would go directly to,

Directly to your heart.

 ©Bedrick Briones

Dededo, Guam

INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE:  Did you ever want to be heard the way you want to be heard? Did you ever wish you can sing and be heard from the heart? Don’t give up hope and be true to your heart.




 How would we know if one is true?

We can alter truth, I can; even you

How would we know this world is not pure?

He said this, she said that, how are we sure?

Men are born with many gifts

Some men are even torn because of this

Among those gifts we often abuse

We choose what to say, we may hide the truth

A gift it is? Wait, is it a curse?

Sometimes it is good, sometimes for worse

But don’t lose hope, this world is not doomed

For as long as there are good, there are those who are true.

 ©Bedrick Briones

Dededo, Guam

 INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE:  Although deceitful people are all around us, remember that there are many honest people out there too.




Life can be good

Life can be bad


Sometimes life is unbearable

Sometimes life is perfect


But most of the time

Life is imperfect --

Sometimes it will be good

Sometimes it will be bad


The best thing that we can do is to move on --

Learn from lessons in life

And use them to pass on to another generation.


Tamuning, Guam

INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE: Life isn’t perfect, so it’s important to learn from it, move on, and share it with the next generation, so that they can succeed, despite life’s challenges.



Never again

Will I hold a grudge.


Never again

Will I hurt somebody intentionally.


Never again

Will I hurt the ones closest to me.


Never again

Will I do certain things for all the wrong reasons.


Never again

Will I go to the extremes for love.


Never again

Will I take advantage of people that trust me.


And never again

Will I break another person’s heart.


Tamuning, Guam

INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE:  Never take life for granted.




Mrs. Zenni,

You were one of the most influential people in my life

You were the one that helped me turn my life around

You were the one teacher that never gave up on me

You always made sure that I was on task

You always made sure I stayed out of trouble

And now --

Now you’re gone…

It has been 2 years since your passing

But you still remain with me

In my mind

And in my heart

For every time that I scored a goal or made an achievement --

I looked up and thought of you

No one else,

Not my mother

Not my father

No one --

Just you.

So thank you Mrs. Zenni…

I will never forget you or anything you have done.


Tamuning, Guam

INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE:  Realize what you have before it is gone.




As I grew up

I had to sit back and watch life pass me by.

As I grew up

I missed out on so much --

All because of asthma.


Asthma plagued me for a few years

I needed an inhaler

I needed a break in between P.E. classes

It was embarrassing

It was boring.


All through my middle school soccer career

I let it get to me to the point that I almost had to sit out a season

But I had an inspiration -- My mother.

She told me she had the same problem

And that the only thing stopping me from being great was myself.


But now,

I have moved on from asthma

I am playing soccer to the best of my ability

I am living the life I should have been living a long time ago.


So thank you mom

For giving me hope

For giving me faith

You are my inspiration in life.


Tamuning, Guam

INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE: Don’t ever take your mom for granted. She has a bigger impact on your life than you realize.




As long as you have faith in yourself

You can do anything

As long as you never doubt yourself

You can do anything

As long as you have dreams

You can do anything


Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t

Because they’re wrong

As long as you put your heart into it

You can do anything

You can be anything you want to be --

All you have to do is believe!


Tamuning, Guam

INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE:  As long as you have faith in yourself, you can do anything.




 What are you doing, you’re doing it wrong.

My goodness, we have been practicing for so long!

Why have you done such a horrible thing?

I could have hit it better on my first swing


Don’t forget to twist

When your hand hits the knob!

It was a waste of time to have sat here and waited.


Why aren’t people in the world more like me?

Oh wait, that’s why I’m not perfect and could never be!

©Raena Puruggana

Maina, Guam

INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE: There are people in this world that may say harsh words or put your spirits down, but rest assured that nobody is perfect, no one. 



There are two aspects of happiness --

There is the one that you convince yourself to be happy or the other

You are uncontrollably happy with what you have.


Which aspect have you chosen to possess?

Or is it really a choice or are some people just blessed?

Is it the unfortunate events in people’s lives?

Or is it the result of the wrong turns in our personal drives?


True happiness is a cherished gift,

Even if it’s a choice or a curse that you must lift.

The main word is true because you’ll never know --

Maybe you’re thinking you’re happy, but it’s not quite so.

© Raena Purugganan

Maina, Guam

INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE:  Some people may just cope with what they’ve got and be happy.  Meanwhile, there are other people who are truly and completely blessed.  I inspire you to analyze your happiness and go for what you know to be true!




What’s holding you back?

Is it your fear, or wisdom you lack?

Courage is something down deep within

It may take a lot of digging to overcome and win.


It doesn’t come easy to stand up alone

Or jump in a fire, or dial the phone.

It’s the extra leap into mid air

Not knowing what may happen or if it’s even fair.


Courage is something down deep within

It may take a lot of digging to overcome and win.

©Raena Purugganan

Maina, Guam

INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE:  When you come to a point in your life when you need courage, I inspire you to overcome fear & doubt, and go for what you want. When you do, you will be successful and victorious!




For you I will do anything, just ask

Anything within my power, any gesture or task

For you I will love with the fullest of my heart

No matter the distance or time spent apart


For you I will fly across the blue sky

And swim the whole ocean or at least I will try

For you I will hope and have faith in our love

With strength for our heavenly father above


For you, my love, for only you

For I am, and will always be true!!!

©Raena Purugganan

Maina, Guam

INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE:  Although love poems are very cliché, I wanted to inspire you about this unconditional, faithful, crazy love that does exist. If you have this amazing love I am completely happy for you, but if you don’t, I hope that this poem keeps your hopes and dreams alive.




Why are we here?

What do I do next?

Where do I get money for that?

The answers to these questions are not in bright letters that are bold and fat!

Life is a piece of cake?  It’s not!

It is full of battles that need to be fought!


But don’t worry you’ll be okay.

Hey, millions of people go through it each day.

Hang in there, don’t end your life, and never accept defeat --

Just think of your family, or the person you want to meet.

Life is a rough ride that you don’t want to escape,

Because there are experiences worth living, just like fate!

© Raena Purugganan

Maina, Guam

INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE:  Many people may hate their lives and want to end it, but life is worth living. There are wonderful experiences that you may have already had, and I know that you wouldn’t have wanted them not to happen. Can you imagine if you ended your life now?  You’ll never get to experience all the good that is to come!! So hang in there, don’t end your life, and never accept defeat because you just might meet me!



KEEP GOING                

Life is full of its ups and downs

Things to make you smile

Things that make you frown

Journeys that may take awhile --

For you to overcome

Making you feel weak

Mentally and physically numb.


The answers that you seek

May not come out

As easy as you want it

You may even start to doubt.


You may only want to quit

Until soon you realize

How far you’ve come

To get the answers you idealize and are fulfilling.

© Mistee Saralu

Dededo, Guam

INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE:  No matter how hard something may seem, quitting is never the answer to any problem.





When all is lost and I can’t go on

You were always there to keep me strong


Through all the sorrow and all the pain

You stuck by me again and again


When life is hard and more than I can take

You’d come to me and put a smile on my face


You pushed me to believe that nothing is impossible, that I could overcome my fears

The inspiration you give me makes the negativity disappear


You’re like an angel, one of God’s greatest creations –

Thank you for being there for me –

You are my inspiration.

© Mistee Saralu

Dededo, Guam

INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE:  Support comes in all different shapes and sizes, and especially when it comes from someone you love, it can do wonders for yourself. 




Dearest son,

I left you with another

Because I wished to change

I’m sorry that I hurt you

Please know you’re not to blame


Once I tried it, I was addicted

And I started neglecting you

What I did was really stupid

But my love for you is true


I can’t wait to see you

When I get over this addiction

Because going back home and taking care of you

Is my goal and my special mission


Until then, don’t forget to take a shower

And go to school and have fun

I’m really going to miss you

My precious only son --

Love Mommy

© Mistee Saralu

Dededo, Guam

INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE:  Getting over bad addictions are hard, but when you’re doing it for yourself and someone you love very much, it makes you want to work harder to get better.




When the roads are bumpy

And everything seems down hill

Just take a breath

And along will come that thrill.


When you’re low on money and your debts are high

When you want to smile, but all you do is cry

Just take a breath and promise me that you will not quit.


When your back’s against the wall

And your head is in your hands

Be strong, stand up, and everything will go as planned.


When your punches are weak

And you don’t want to hit

Sit down and relax and promise me that you will not quit.

© Mistee Saralu

Dededo, Guam

INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE:  You will see the results you want quicker and faster if you keep going and never quit. 



There were times when I couldn’t see

All the beauty in front of me

There were times when I couldn’t feel

 All the love that was true and real

There were times when I left you alone

The pain and sadness I caused you was never shown

There were times when I would forget

The special moments like when we met

There were times when I walked away

Especially those times when you wanted me to stay

There were times when all that would matter

Was what I was feeling and that made you sadder

And there were times when I would come close to losing you

And it was those thoughts that would get us through

Showing me the beauty, reminding me of the love

Remembering everything you’ve done for me and above

Through those times we’ve worked through our faults and our sins

Because winners never quit, and quitters never win.

© Mistee Saralu

Dededo, Guam

INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE:  Many times you don’t see what is truly valuable to you until you come close to losing it, but it’s never lost until you quit fighting for what you love, so keep fighting for what is yours.  And in the end if it was meant to be, nothing can tear you apart.




She watches as he walks out the door

Her heart ached and tears fell to the floor

Three little babies he’s leaving behind

And her, how could she have been so blind?

A love she thought was too good to be true

And now it’s leaving her so cold and blue.


She was a pawn in his game

She only put herself to blame

She thought she could change him, make him better

But he’s tossed her aside like an old musty sweater.


He came out and confessed all his love crimes

And how he even remembers the dates and the times

There wasn’t a time she wasn’t in his head

But he knows he can’t make her feel better so he left instead.


He’ll come and visit his little boys when she’s healed

He’s sorry for ruining the marriage they had built

But now she’s got to be strong and wipe the tears away

Because she’s got three little boys and they’re here to stay.

© Mistee Saralu

Dededo, Guam

INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE:   Pain in life comes and goes, but how long it stays is always up to you. 




 It's time we know how to use respect

And stop saying the things we know we'll regret.

We make crazy mistakes and forget

And hate the things that were said.

We treat other people like their nothing

And expect them to see what we see.

Nowadays people don't know the consequences in life

Blinded by hatred and think they’re always right.

In this generation we don't see how important it is to show respect

And in the end, when it’s all over, all we can do is regret.

©Aileen Bautista

Mongmong, Guam

 INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE:  People don't often realize how important it is to show kindness to one another. We act rude and don’t care about each other’s feelings. We should stop and appreciate, because when you need help and there’s no one to talk to but that person, you would get what you reap.




Why do they kill these innocent children?

Don't they know it's a sin?

Why do they do it and then regret?

They think to solve it is to kill and forget!

Why do they take advantage of life?

When they know it’s causing a fight?

Why do they involve innocent lives?

These feelings I feel –

I just can't describe!

Why can't they realize this is a sin and stop?

Because it's tearing our whole world apart!!

©Aileen Bautista

Mongmong, Guam

INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE:  Life is given not for us to kill. It is given as a gift and we should learn how to cherish it and honor it.



  You gave me an angel from up above

You gave me someone I've been dreaming of --

A little girl so innocent and sweet

With cute little fingers and little angel feet

So innocent and not knowing what's to come

But with eyes so brilliant and as bright as the sun.


She has everything about us all blended together

A face that I will cherish forever.

You gave me an angel from up above --

My family I was destined to love.

©Aileen Bautista

Mongmong, Guam

 INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE: God gives us a chance to love.  We need to cherish every moment of it because this chance comes once in a lifetime.



 Help us to remember

So that we’ll stay together

Help us to remember

When we first met

And the days we were together, which we'll never regret.


Help us to remember

The strong love that grew between us

That there will always be us.


Help us to remember

To remind us to be practical

So that nothing can divide the love that our hearts sing.


We ask for words both kind and loving

To tighten the symbol that represents our rings;

Our hearts are ready to ask for forgiveness as well as forgive

Our life and soul we readily give. 

©Aileen Bautista

Mongmong, Guam

 INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE:  Your love is in God’s hands.




 Four years together

Laughter, tears, pain,

It’s destiny's plan

With anticipating moments that'll sweep us off our feet

That’ll hold us till the end

For this love we share

Will bring us wonders

This genuine feeling that is only for you my love

Never will it fade;

As we journey once more through another chapter of our lives

I'll never let you go --

This is a promise I will keep forever.

 ©Aileen Bautista

Mongmong, Guam

INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE: No matter how much you go through, only you can decide how your love can last.  Just keep it strong and never give up.



 I joined the army as you can see

Thought my arrogance will set me free

Passed my physicals left and right

Proclaimed myself as a mighty knight

Received my orders the very next day

Told I am being sent to a land far away

Made me proud to serve along my cadres

Six more months to go till I see my madre

I lived everyday as it was my last

Week by week the sky was black

Oil rigs burning all day long

From sunset to dusk that’s all I saw

Went back home after my tour

My chest full of medals and a brand new car to boot

Ten years later

 I look back at it now

Man Was I proud to serve my country, as you can too!

©Henry Holguin

Mangilao, Guam

INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE:  If you’re down on your luck with no end on site, the Army might give you the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.




 Living in an island all my life

Thought this was the dream for all to reach

Coconuts, crabs and fishes too

One would have thought this was paradise

Friendly people, family and friends

I thought I had it all in this perfect world

Then one day the sky turned black

Along came lightning, thunder and showers too

It swept across my perfect world

Destroyed all that I knew

I managed to survive with those sturdy few

Now I am in a place far away

Skyscrapers and cars replace my home

Made me wondered and think

How could this have happened?

A giant blur from start to finish

But now here I am

Putting back the pieces of my broken life.

©Henry Holguin

Mangilao, Guam

 INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE:  Don’t take your life for granted.  Live every moment as if it were your last.




 The birth of a youngling

From a fertilized egg

To a strong healthy boy

Growing so fast

Yet so strong

The ability to walk and learn

Comes so quick

What a joyous experience

Before you know it

They are on their own

From elementary to high school

Then college too

Seems like a blur

As if yesterday they were born

Soon a career and family will come for them

Turning a loving couple into a family

The cycle will start again

As it’s their turn to see

The childhood of a new generation

The cycle of Life!

©Henry Holguin

Mangilao, Guam


INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE:  Treat your family as you would like to be treated before time runs out.




 As I walked through the platform

By the patient train waiting

Our eyes met

A burning temptation of desire arose

For those five seconds

Time seemed to stop

I felt your presence

You felt mine

Your cute irresistible smile

Contagious as the summer breeze

We began to move to each other

Our hands a few inches apart

Till the doors began to close

And you were gone

As fast as you arrived.

©Henry Holguin

Mangilao, Guam

INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE:  Never miss the moment that was meant to be.




 Loving memories…

They are all around you

Your childhood pictures

The items that mean dear to you

Your memories…

Your loving grandparents

The love from your parents

Your first bike ride

Your first crush

Your first girlfriend

The memories…

Your first graduation

Your accomplishment and trophy to show

Loving memories…

©Henry Holguin

Mangilao, Guam

 INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE:  Never forget your past, as they will guide you towards the future.



There are other things to do than drugs.

Like going out, having fun and giving free hugs.

You think that drugs are okay because it makes you feel good.

It makes you act differently, than how you normally would.

Some people wasted their life over this thing.

Don’t waste yours like them because bad is all they bring.

People change and quit drugs to start something new,

Getting back on track with stuff that they need to do;

Like go to school, graduate and become very cool,

So don’t let drugs get in your way or else you’re a fool.


Toto, Guam

INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE Do other fun activities instead of doing drugs.




L ooking forward to what life brings,

s random like no other.

or it can bring many various things,

ven when life goes further.


I f at a point, life doesn’t make sense.

S it down, relax, and close your eyes.


ive it time and you should feel better,

ther than letting out cries.

ver and over you should feel good

oing things to make you in a good mood.


Toto, Guam

INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE:  Life is a gift so you should cherish it.


Family is very important in a person’s life

They will help when you need help

They are there when you feel down

Most of all they will love you no doubt

In return you should do the same

And help them when they need you

Be there when they are down

And give then a love so true

So don’t ever trade them for anything

Because support is what they bring.


Toto, Guam

INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE  Love your family no matter what happens.



There’s a day which is special

It only comes once a year

The day you come into this world

Celebrating it with people so dear

As more of these days past

You don’t just get older

But other than that

You get even wiser

So all I’ve got to say

Is Happy Birthday!


Toto, Guam

INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE  When it’s your Special Day don’t feel bad that you’re getting older, because you’re wiser as well.



When you’re feeling down

And all you do is frown

All you need to do

Is think of a better day.

If your day doesn’t go as planned

And lady luck is not on your side

All you need to do

Is think of a better day.

When you lost someone so dear

And you grieve all year

All you need to do

Is think of them and your better days.


Toto, Guam

INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE Don’t let anything get you down. Just think of a better day and SMILE. J



Inspiration is a motivation;

A motivation that can create.

Inspiration can come from all sorts of places;

Places that can be spontaneous yet ordinary.

These places can inspire you to be something amazing;

Something that you’ll be remembered by;

An aspiration to inspire others

The way you were inspired.

That’s one of my many dreams,

To inspire others to be something

They never thought they could be.


Barrigada, Guam

INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE Be the best you can be, because you never know if someone looks to you for inspiration.



Happiness can come at you in many forms.

All you have to do is believe it will come.

People will sometimes get knocked off the road that is life, some of them,

Probably will give up and get left behind in this fast pace world we live in.

I believe you shouldn’t give up.

Nothing good comes from it; all you’re left with is regret, anger or heartache.

Everyone will go through some tough patches along the road,

Simply because that’s just life, and it wouldn’t be life without some kind of obstacle

Standing in our way.


I say, keep your head up high and

Stand by what you believe in.


Life will be tough, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t at least enjoy it.

I believe life is too precious to give up on. 

Life is full of so many wonderful and beautiful things

That can bring happiness.   

You just need to

Enjoy life, because that is happiness in its truest form.


Barrigada, Guam

INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE I wrote this poem because I’m always pondering about the life I live, and it hit me that in order for me to be truly happy I should enjoy life despite the obstacles that are laid in front of me, and believe that happiness will eventually come knocking on the door.




Somewhere in the vast Pacific Ocean

Laid a little island where the people stood tall and the boats ran swift.

How I sometimes wish I could have seen such a sight.

But sadly this island has been ravaged by Tyrants

Who destroyed a majority of everything in their path.

The only things that remain from that island are

The people and bits of its culture.

These people stand by what they believe

And will speak up if something is wrong.

They have kept the culture strong and constant.

This is a big difference than it was way back then

When people were opposed and couldn’t stand up for the things they believed

And when they did they did they were brutally killed.

But they still kept their faith strong and got through every day.

Although the bits of culture they kept alive were passed down

To the generation of today, I wish that we knew more

Of the culture that was lost and the traditions we could have had.


Barrigada, Guam

INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE Keep the culture alive because it can be gone in a blink of an eye.




Discover what is out there;

The beauty of the world.

The life that exist around us;

Which you can see anywhere.


Discover what is out there,

In the deep blue ocean sea.

The ocean is full extraordinary

Living things.


Discover what is out there,

In the tropical rainforest of this blue planet.

It’s full of lush green vegetation

And bizarre looking animals.


Discover what is out there

In this wonderful world of ours.

Discover what is out there before

You miss your chance.


Oh too late,

Our rainforest turned into a vast desert

And our ocean seems to be looking black.

I wonder how that happened!


Barrigada, Guam

INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGEStand up for what you believe in. I believe there are many things left to discover in this world, and then there are many other things that won’t be discovered because of the harm we place on the world. So protect our planet and the things that come with it before it’s too late to turn back.



Fear is an illusion

That has the ability to bring us down.

It is an object of one’s mind

That will scare us away from our dreams and aspirations.

Fear scares us into believing

The most ridiculous things.

Fear is just a setback in life.

A setback we should face

With our heads held up high.

Don’t allow fear to bring you down.

Face it and you’ll feel like you’ve

Achieved so much in life.


Barrigada, Guam

INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE Life is too short to not expense things, so face your fears and move on with life.

When life gets you down and you need to slow down
Your mind can't think and you can hardly speak out
Just look straight ahead and forget what was said
Only then you will realize
You have to breathe in the moment
You have to make the sensation last
You’ve got one lifetime to live
And life goes by fast
And soon you will see
You will make everyone believe in who you are
Then you'll be

Yigo, Guam

INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE:  No matter what is troubling you it will soon come to pass, and you must live in the moment.




Ring, ring;

The bells doth toll of a story that must unfold.

Ring, ring;

Don't sleep the day away, you must wake and make your wage.

Ring, ring;

To sleep and dream is sweet and fine, but to live the moment is divine.

Ring, ring;

Wake up and embrace the day so many sleep and waste their life away.

Ring, ring;

Do not let your life pass by

You must take your wings and fly.
Now wake and wipe that goo from your eyes
Too many sleep walkers watch their life dreams pass them by
Do not sit and wait

You must run and take the bait.
Wake and tell the story the bells doth told
Of a dream that came true to a brave fool.

Yigo, Guam

INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE There are many who wait and watch as their life passes by.  Wake up and make your dreams come true.


A new moment you must behold
Now is the time to change the old
Entertain the thoughts of new
Whatever you dream may come true

Correct the wrongs that were made
Have respect for your history

Do not let it fade
A revolution is on the way
New stories will unfold
Greatness is only a step away
Eternity is what knowledge holds.

Yigo, Guam

INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE The world is changing and we must embrace it.  Only then can humanity grow.


As the soft cool breeze touches his face
The old man sits and waits
To see the sun rise and set
He watches as the last of his days are spent
A sad thought dawns on him
All this knowledge he holds within
Will all be lost when his soul gives in
Who to pass on the things that must be known
To whom shall he give his legacy to
As he sits there and cries
His little grandchild comes by his side
Suddenly the brightness came back into his eyes
With a simile he spoke, "There is still some hope."

Yigo, Guam

 INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE:  I believe everyone has something that was passed down to them.  As long as there is someone to teach, there will be knowledge to be praised.


As I sat on the bus stop seat
A strange man sat next to me
For a moment he was quiet and meek
But the bus was taking so long so he decided to speak
We talked about many things
Of life, love and liberty
But what I will remember the most
Is a random question that seemed a bit unorthodox
He said to me "Do you have any enemies?"
I replied, "A few, I believe."
That is when he smiled at me saying, "That means you stood up for something."

Yigo, Guam

INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE  Enemies are not always a bad thing.  That means a person stood up for what they believed in.  Whether right or wrong, at least they stood up for it.


Every time you’re feeling down
Have faith that everything will come around
Even when the darkest clouds are in your way
Just step back and take it day by day
For unhappiness is just a moment
Stop living your life in regrets and torment
Get out and see some sun
Smile, laugh, and just have fun
Until that day comes your way
Just remember to take it day by day.

Agana Heights, Guam

INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE  No matter how down and hard it gets in your life, just try to
take it easy by taking it day by day. It takes time to heal wounds so,
just try to take care of yourself. True happiness cannot be reached
in one day but can be achieved in a lifetime.



I never thought I'd come to this day, when I fell out of love with you
Can this really be true? What I had already knew
You imprisoned me with your words and thoughts
So all we did was use hateful words and fought
We are imprisoned to each other
So all we did was hurt one another
Today I stand as a strong woman and will break this chain
The chain that brought unhappiness so please just detain
Be strong, civil and become a man, a man of true understanding
So stop being so demanding
And accept today as a new way of freedom to be
Someone who we will cherish to be in every degree.
© Ro. R

Agana Heights, Guam

INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE  If you’re unhappy in a relationship and sometimes feel like
you’re trapped with unhappiness, try to be true to yourself and break free
from anything that makes you unhappy, for in order for happiness to be achieved
in your lifetime, you cannot be unhappy.


They always told me that I'll never change and make things better
They said that I was immature and put me down in every letter
They said I was too dumb to become anything in history
They said that I was nothing but a foolish girl and clumsy
I said they never gave me their time of day
To realize how I was trying in every way
I may not be of their standards
But I do things my way to seek my better counters
I am not clumsy, dumb, and immature
I am learning, growing and sculpting to be grandeur
Until that day comes when my master piece is done
I will say that your hurtful words changed me to become
Someone who has build their own kingdom to love.
© Ro. R

Agana Heights, Guam

INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE:   No matter how people may put you down, it's up to you to
prove them wrong. It is hurtful to have people doubt you but if you
rise from all the negative, you can make it positive. So don't listen
to others of how to live your way of life through theirs. Live your
life the way you believe it to be lived.



If you want to make things better
You have to get up and climb that ladder
Stand up for things that you would never do
And see what courage does and what you can move
Your actions and words are powerful
So don't be bashful, go out even if you hit the ash fault
Life is nothing but lessons to learn
So don't be afraid to take any turns
Go out and experience what you can
And you'll say you accomplished many than any other man.
© Ro. R

Agana Heights, Guam

INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE  Don't be afraid to go on and succeed or try new things, because you’ll miss an opportunity to experience what life has to offer.



Just because I had kids at a young age
Everyone put me down and said it was an outrage
They said I was too young and foolish to take that step
I understood I had made that choice and just started to prep
I stood away from those who were negative
For I was going to school making it my main motive
It's up to me now to succeed with my babies
And no one can stop me from loving them like crazy
I still have this will inside to succeed
To keep that fire burning to still proceed
I try ten times harder at everything I do
For now I live my life for my kids’ own pursuit.
© Ro. R

Agana Heights, Guam

INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE  For those young mothers, don't get discouraged by others and their negative words. Everyone has their own way of living, and yours may be different. All you can do is pick up where you left off and
keep surviving. I know it's harder when kids are involved but they are
what keeps that will and fire to succeed in your life. Every mother
wants a brighter future for their kids. So, let’s show others who had
their doubts that we can rise from it all.



A mother that’s been there for me since day one,

She has been there for me all 26 years through.

Who has been through dramatic stages in her life and more,

Yet she still was standing for all she has to live for.

She has loved, supported and cared for my 5 brothers and me,

It was hard financially, mentally and physically.

She never failed or gave up on us;

I am proud of her.

She showed us her love.

Her name is Bertha, and I’m proud she is my mother.

I would not, now or will ever change her for another.


Dededo, Guam

 INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE My Mother is a strong person.  She was there in everyway to help me. She has been there despite the drama in her life of having lost her two husbands.  She still managed to stand up for all her 6 kids.  I don’t know any other mother who could work so hard for her children. I won’t and can’t trade her for another mother if I had the chance.



First there was love and then came marriage

Then we wanted a baby in the baby carriage.

We tried for the second year of our love,

We prayed after marriage for one from up above.

We had no sign of conception and it was 3 years that have gone by

We were sad, full of worries, almost everyday I cried.

We heard advices, the common ones everyday

That said “Don’t think about it, it will happen one day.”

I had to go through 3 Doctors to find what was wrong with me,

One was no help and one said I am diagnosed with Polycystic Ovaries.

One finally came through, and had me go through a full examination and tests.

I really love her motivation, and I thought, “She’s the best.”

Currently, all that I am doing, is taking medication,

It’s to help my ovaries and hopefully a positive conception.

There’s a chance I could have twins, triplets or more,

It doesn’t matter to us, whatever we are blessed with we’ll adore!


Dededo, Guam

INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE My husband and I have been trying to have kids for 6 years now, and presently we are doing what we can to help us. It’s been a rollercoaster ride, but it’s important to never give up!


I dream of Heaven almost everyday,

A dream that I believe almost everyone will love.

There’s no congestion, no hatred, no responsibilities, no worries.

Just all laughter and fun with the ones you love.

We live all day with the morning sun and windy white clouds,

I see it as the Lord’s greetings and him shining his smile on us.

The wind is his hand touching your face.

The light scent of natural flowers is our everyday air.

The different and beautiful scenery landscape is my get-a-way.

This is my Dream Heaven that I hope to see one day.


Dededo, Guam

INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE  I dream and day dream of how I would like to see my dream heaven, also known as my after-life get a way.  I know there is only one heaven for us all, and that dream heaven is out there for us.



Life moves fast and time is very precious,

Live like you never lived before.

Treat life good, lovely and luxurious,

Cherish the little things in life, for they do matter to others.

Love your friends and family, your enemies too,

Although, there may be downside roads you may come across.

Don’t let that stop to get where you want to go,

Live the life and live it with no regrets.

Forgive others that do bad unto you,

Move on, live life, and live it well.


Dededo, Guam

INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE Live your life well, forget the bad; let go of the bad. We only live life once, and we must do what we can while we can, and do it good. When someone is bitter upon you, love them anyways and forgive them. Make those bits and pieces the best of it.



I was a simple, friendly little girl

Nothing but looking forward to Grandma’s

Located south of Guam, in the village of Santa Rita

I loved the long drive and the scenery to see along the way

I was very excited and looking forward to visiting Grandma

I remember the big mango tree in front of her house

The smell of fried Manahak on her outside kitchen table

We would wait for Grandpa to take us to pop’s bakery for treats

We also used to go on base together just to shop

And then relax in her Santa Rita home after all of that.


Dededo, Guam

 INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE  Grandma’s house was sometimes the best place when we were young.  Although we’re older, these times will remain in our memory.


I love the cute and fuzzy animals

Most especially little and cute puppies

There is just something about them that’s so innocent

They are also heaven sent

They are like new born babies exploring the world

They are playful and harmless

And have that heartbreaking look

Do the funniest things as they play along

They are also great company when they are young

And it’s sad that they have to grow.


Dededo, Guam

INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE  I just love puppies!  They are so cute! They are playful and good company when they’re young.



Each of you were there when I didn't know who else I can turn to,
And always there when I just wanted friends to laugh and enjoy company with.
Having fun, guiding each other and being great friends from the start,
No matter what, my girls are my true best friends.
Now we have moved on but still keep in touch.
Friendships are still together even if new friends are made.
Hoping for happiness for all and appreciating the great times.
Glad to have good friends,
And being part of their lives.
A friend is someone you can trust and love,
And my girls are my true best friends.

Dededo, Guam

INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE  Everyone makes friends but the true friends are the ones you can enjoy and trust during any situation.  



Wondering about me and you.
Hoping for the best of things,
Between the both of us.
Wanting more than just the gifts you bring,
But to have time, love, and happiness.
You are my first true love,
You are my one and only.
I am thankful that you,
Could be with me.
I am amazed of what we have come to be.
And all and all you are my love.

Dededo, Guam

INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGEFor many,  the person they call their true love does not have to be the first but the one who provides happiness and trust.



Promises has caused so much pain and suffering.
Many do not understand that promises have meanings.
I promise this,
I promise that,
But for some people promises are nothing.
It is just a bundle of words that can satisfy others but disappoint them too.
Disappointing others by not doing what they said they would do.
To all those who make promises and can't keep their word,
I have a promise that you can keep forever.
It is for you to promise not to promise anyone anything ever.

Dededo, Guam

INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE Promises are a person’s word to something important no matter if it is a chore or to keep a secret.  If you cannot keep your word then you should not offer it.



Living life to the fullest it can be,
Thinking of friends and family.
Enjoying every moment time has given me,
And loving every bit of it.
Knowing that change is a given,
Expecting it to happen soon,
Just hoping the best for everyone,
But not too sure what the future holds.
Keeping memories forever,
Missing all the good times.
Making sure to remember that life goes on,
And having family and good friends that will stand by me always.

Dededo, Guam

INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE Keeping family and friends in your mind will keep you looking forward.



Cannot sleep,
Cannot think,
Cannot even eat.
You broke my heart,
What else do you want from me?
I thought I loved you,
Now I look like a fool.
Jokes on me it seems to be,
And no seems to be laughing.
The feeling hurts,
But I will stand strong and show you I can go on.

Dededo, Guam

INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE Being heart broken does hurt but standing strong and moving on will make things more positive.



Do I want to be a poet and write

Do I want to be someone who fights

Do I want to travel to see different sites

I hope to make a difference in the world

I hope to be a doctor that heals

A person that can show you what’s real

No one can take your mistakes

And learn from it hoping that it’ll be great

Maybe all we need is faith

So just believe in yourself

Think about all the miracles you can create.

©Keith Guerrero

Barrigada, Guam

INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGEThe thing that inspired me to write this poem, is just me wanting to do different types of things.



I don’t want to see your face anymore

I don’t want to see your name on the walls

I don’t want anything to deal with you

Just go on and leave me

Don’t worry about me too much

I’ll get by just fine

I don’t want you to call me in the middle of the night

Letting me know that you’re all right

I don’t want you to tell me that you miss me

Because you know I’m not over you yet

It would just be easy if I forget

The days we’ve spent and the day we met

Cause all I want to be is free

So open your heart to someone new

Just don’t worry

I’ll be happy.

©Keith Guerrero

Barrigada, Guam

INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGEI just thought of the relationship I went through, and how I felt deep inside.  I’ve moved on and so can you.



It’s always been hard

With you directing my path

You never let me go and

You never gave me a chance

I was tied up by a rope

With no slack to at all

Why couldn’t you let go

And just let me fall

I always tried so hard

Just to make you proud

All I really wanted to do

Was express my feelings out loud

I’m letting you know now

What I really want to say

I’m taking a detour off your path

And I’m going my way

©Keith Guerrero

Barrigada, Guam

INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGEDo what you want to do, and follow your own dreams.


It happened so fast

Like lightning through the sky

Just let it happen

And don’t question why

Things just happen

And maybe for a reason

The love can flourish

Like the flowers through the seasons

After the love has flourished

And aged through the time

The love will only get sweeter

Like an aged fine wine.

©Keith Guerrero

Barrigada, Guam

INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGEWhen good fortune comes to you, don’t let it slip away.




Rare like a diamond

Found deep in the sea

She made me a better person

Or at least better than I can be

An unselfish person

That gives when she can

Made a little boy

Grow into a man

Beautiful as the morning sun

On a bright summer day

Just a moment with her

Will take your worries away

©Keith Guerrero

Barrigada, Guam

INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE:  There is someone for each of us.  It’s up to you to find that special person.



 For nine tough months,

She carried me strong

While she taught me new things

Between right and wrong.


She’s my mother

Whom I love so dearly.

She is my mother

Who cares for me deeply.


I can never replace

Someone who is as strong as her.

She is my strength, mind, and heart

And I am just like her.


Yigo, Guam

 INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE:  I have learned a lot from my mother, and I am just like her. 




 Although I am tough on her,

She still loves me so.

She follows in my foot steps

And everywhere I go.


She learns from me;

Both good and bad.

As much as I yell at her,

She is the best sister I ever had.


I love her dearly,

More than you can think of.

Tough, tenacity and discipline

Is all a part of sisterly love.


Yigo, Guam

 INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE:  No matter how hard I am on my sister, she is always there for me, and it is something sisters do to show they care.




 I have this friend,

Who has never left my side.

He watches over me every second

Even if I try to hide.


He listens to me when I speak

And shows me which way to go.

He’ll always be the one I turn to,

Because to every question, an answer he would know.


He is loving, caring, genuine

 And nothing about him is a fraud.

He is who the world turns to in times of need.

He is my lord and my God.


Yigo, Guam

 INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE:  God is a friend who you can trust, depend on, and will always be there. God is one of a kind friend.




 It is never too late

 To save your life

From a drug so deadly

 It would be better off to be stabbed from a dull knife.


The smoke from the cigarette

Reeks of death in the air.

As smokers inhale and exhale death

With no hint of compassion or care.


Quit now,

While you have the chance to live.

You can give a present to the devil;

All the cigarettes you can give.


Yigo, Guam

 INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE:  It is never too late to quit smoking.




Dreams at night

Are meant for only a short time.

Somehow this dream haunts me,

As it tells me I’ll lose what is mine.


My dream told me that I’ll lose it all

Any time soon.

People taking away the one I love;

Taking away you.


I dreamt you walked a different path;

Not the one we chose.

The doors that we opened

Are now shut closed.


You left me in my dream,

As I will fear it all my life.

This fear and pain is unbearable,

As I lost my only love and life.


Yigo, Guam

 INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE:  I was inspired to write about a person I really care for.  I am hopeful that despite the dream, I will move forward and live my life.



Each chance I try,

Try to construe the reasons why

I have let you down;

I’ve fallen to the ground.

What is it that you see in me,

That makes you not believe me?

It does not matter how lost I get,

I will still find the way.

Just when you think I'm not powerfully competent

Things will change.

Think twice,

Because looks can be deceiving.

©McEllen Alfred

Dededo, Guam

  INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE:  Keep looking for a ray of hope to hold onto.  Simply pick yourself up and dust yourself off, and begin anew.




 There is no fear in love.

Love turns fear out of sight

And casts out every

Crumb of terror that exists.

The way to give love

Is how you live love.

That is what I'll do.

You cannot fight it.

You cannot deny it.

Love will get to you.

©McEllen Alfred

Dededo, Guam

 INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE:   Love is understanding, and you recognize and are conscious of love by observation and experience. Believe in the kind of love we cherish, for it is out there, and you must have faith.




 Out in the sunshine

Of the infinite love

Breathing the fragrance of Eden above

I can see the light that is coming for the heart that holds

A glorious light beyond that none can compare.

To walk in the light

Where it was meant to be

I do not look back.

I have something more to life –

This is what I call the “Light of Life.”

©McEllen Alfred

Dededo, Guam

 INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE:  If it was meant to be, you would know it for a fact. The good part is that you do not have to look back.



 At times, I get caught in the middle of a stormy life.

I would not turn back.

I am not that person I used to be;

I can see the new improved me.

I am so happy,

Whether living or dying,

To know that I am me.

But, until that day comes,

I have to keep moving forward.

©McEllen Alfred

Dededo, Guam

 INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE:   The past is the past, whether it was a good time or a bad time.  You just have to cope with the situation and move on. With that being said, change can be for the better or for the worst.




Jealousy gives birth to anger.

Anger always gives birth to hurt.

Think peace and harmony.

It is time for us to come together.

We can make a difference;

We can make a change;

We can make the world a better place.

We can make the sun shine through the rain.

Find the compassion and take a stand.

Together we can make one mind –

One chord and sound!

©McEllen Alfred

Dededo, Guam

 INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE:   One person is an army itself, but together as a group or more, you can make a change by preaching to others and lending others a hand. It does not matter how you end it; it’s how you start it.




 Today I ask myself, “How can I make it?”

This is the first of my personal questions.

Some days I can’t quite seem to get it together

And on other days it’s like I’m the superpower.

Yesterday I asked myself, “Can this be worth it?”

This is the second of my personal questions.

Those are the days it all seems pointless

And no matter what I do, the list is endless.

Tomorrow I’ll ask, “What comes next?”

This will be last of my personal questions.

The fact that I can ask lets me know that I can handle things

And this very thing, is what makes me move forward with my dreams.


Santa Rita, Guam

 INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE:  You have the key to your dreams.




 She’s independent, a woman of the day;

Then she meets the man who leads her away.

She knows what it casts,

Yet she still signs up

Choosing the hard road and making it work.

She often must wear many hats,

Succeeding in every role,

Always up to bat.

She cannot ignore the hardships of life.

Running would simply cause more strife.

To the world, it is her behind the rank,

But in the home, it is she who holds the rank.


Santa Rita, Guam

 INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE:  When things are rough moms are always tough.




 Stars and stripes –

Welcome to the military life.

To those who serve,

Please understand that there is much that you deserve.

No person who has not seen,

Can understand what it is that I mean.

For the military is not merely a boss,

You gamble life with every toss.

There are times you will suffer,

With no one to serve as the buffer.

There are days you’ll feel deserted;

Your complaints never asserted.

You accept without a second thought,

Trained to do what you’re taught.

Many make one key mistake;

They do not recognize the sacrifices you make.

When times are tough,

You do your share;

 Those who criticize do not dare.

At that time your pride shows through,

Not once backing down;

 No, not you!

It is that time they’ll all see,

You are the reason they remain free

Stars and Stripes –

Welcome to the military life!


Santa Rita, Guam

 INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE:  Men were born boys, but grew to be heroes.




 A new day brings new beginnings,

Along with old ends.

Cherish these moments,

For you cannot forever pretend.

Early hours inspire reflection,

Which can lead to inspiration.

But as the day dwindles,

The mind seems to open in desperation.

The afternoon tends to be lazy,

Since the day is seemingly wasted.

Do not be fooled;

To some these hours are not so complacent.

Evening hours bring life to some,

While others are winding down.

This is true everywhere;

Such a pattern can always be found.

The dawn of a new day is different for all;

 I can assume you know this is true.

Every day dawns for me

Because I believe in the new.

How do your days dawn?

It’s completely up to you.


Santa Rita, Guam

 INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE:  Your days are what you make them!



 My time with you is precious

With every beat of my veins.

You both grow so fast

Like weeds above the stone wall.

I wish you love, memories and opportunity

To be the men I know you will become.

My sons are what you are called by some.

My rock and roots are what you have done

To plant my love like an oak.

Hard and strong it will remain

That won’t bend with a typhoon.

Although through time I will get old and wither

My love for you will always get bigger.

It’s time to let you grow now

I hope the world will not smother you.

Just remember sons,

 I love you both

Like no other.


Love your mother.


Santa Rita, Guam

 INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE:  Time flies but your mom’s love never dies!


It's hard to explain
Why good boys complain
When there's no food on the table.
Dad's never home
Mom's on her own
With three mouths to feed, she's unable.
In time they will learn
To plant feet to ground firm
And give help where help is in need.
'Cause mom's all alone
You can tell by her tone
She'd be dead if not for those three.
©Trinity Diaz

    INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE:  For granted we may at times have taken our Mothers. Through hardships
                              of life and matters of the heart,  drastic change for the better shall hopefully ensue.




If I'd wander my way back to Guam
I'd sit and listen to those Island Palms
They'd say here begins America's day
I can see the lovely sunset at Tumon Bay
The ocean waves breaking over the reefs
There on the beach I think of my beliefs
Oh, beautiful Island of the Virgin Mary
Her footstep on the ocean I can carry
I honor the patriotic people living there
They'll always be a part of me as I share
I'll tell you of their struggle for freedom
In the Great War they'd find their wisdom
I felt the warm tropical air on my face
My view from a ridge of this mystic place
The rolling hills look so gentle and calm
Thinking is my way to go back to Guam.
©Rick Sadler

Santa Rita, Guam

INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE:  Guam  is  a  beautiful  Island  and  is  rich  in  religion.  It  is  also  rich  in  traditions  and  friendly  people. 

I  love  to  listen  to  the  elderly people  tell  stories  about  Guam  during  World  War ll.  The  shape  of  the  Island looks like  the  footstep  of  the  Virgin  Mary

I  have  visited  Guam  and  I  like the  village  life.  It  reminds  me  of  my  own  village  in  Illinois,  with  plenty  dogs chasing  me  up  the  road  when  I  went  jogging.




I dream of the Virgin Mary that I believe
In a valley of Twilight on Christmas Eve
Over the hill I see rise a pair of hands
In their center the face of Mary over the lands
Moving slowly toward me in her graceful style
All around her was the brilliant light of her smile
She stopped to speak to me,  "Pray for this rhyme,
That there may be peace at this Christmas time,
To all your families that are near and far,
Though they may be parted I bring the Lord's star"
At this she began to disappear out of sight
I  heard her say Mary's Christmas into the night.
©Rick  Sadler

Santa Rita, Guam
INSPIRATIONAL  MESSAGE:  A  Marine  was  on  guard  when  he  reported  seeing  a  man in  the  center  of  a  pair  of  hands.


To  Our  Lady  of  the   Rosary I  pray
As  the  sun  sets  down  on  Tumon  Bay
I  make  the  sign  of  the  cross  as  I  say
A  Rosary  for  my  Mother-In-Law  if  I  may
In  life  she  was  like  my  own  Mother
To  this  day  I  miss  her  like  no  other
I  think  of  her  and  the  tears  begin  to  build
She  survived  the  Great  War where many  were  killed
By  her  hospital  bed  a  vigil  I  stood
To  see  her  in  Guam  if  only  I  could
I  see  her  reflection  in  my  daughter's  eyes
Goodbye  my  Grandma  and  then  she  cries
The  love  for  my  Mother-In-Law  I  will  carry
I   commend  this  Rosary  to  the  Virgin  Mary.

©Rick  Sadler

Santa Rita, Guam
INSPIRATIONAL  MESSAGE:  My mother-in-law was very good to me. 



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